Every event is a new challenge, our goal is stepping out of bounds, to offer something new, always special, always different and unique.

LF team

VELKA - Interior designer. She is responsible for the creation of special events and atmospheres, for new approaches and ideas about the table lay out as well as social events with gastronomic delights. She takes care of each detail of the design, from glasses and cutlery to the chairs and lighting. A young lady who knows how to do a magic atmosphere and bring to life locations and sites for your special events which you will remember forever . She has a sweetness and delicate feminine touch which you will experience. She approaches each individual event. With Velka you can discover how magic a Lighthouse can be or other Istrian location along the coast, in the green interior of Istria, in the air, on the sea or deep underground. She organized a Catering event in an Istrian wine cellar and even in the sky at unimagined heights. She knows how to make your special moments fascinating.

TOMISLAV - is our manager. Also he is the director of a small family hotel with experience in organization and coordination of events. He has organized several numbers of events and has a huge experince as well as passion for his job. Therefore, he is able to make your special moments unforgettable working together with his team. Also, an entrepeneur with a small family hotel. He can cope with all of today's difficulties and always able to solve issues, successfully innovate business and invest in new services, striving for excellence.

EDMONDO - the doctor of Veterinary medicine and the “doctor” to purchase top quality ingrendients. He loves animals as well as people, loves good wine, good olive oil, good ham, good cheese, good meat and is a connoisseur for the Boškarin (protected istrian ox),for fish and game. Edmondo knows very well, what, where, how, and in which way, which season and what to eat. Edmondo is driven by seasons, moons, tides and hunting seasons. Urban legend said that once a friend offered him a glass of wine, he found in the flavor a trace of deer that was eating the grapes in the early summer...

Indispensable, crucial part of the LF Catering story- Chef Robert Peric- just responsible for the realization of our ideas

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