Every event is a new challenge, our goal is stepping out of bounds, to offer something new, always special, always different and unique.

LF gastronomy

Enjoy Istrian gastronomic delicacies in the most beautiful, the most unusual and intriguing locations in Istria.

According to your wishes we organize and prepare:

  • personalized Gastro Tour in the most beautiful an intriguing Istrian locations
  • catering for business events
  • catering for special moments in life and weddings
  • show cooking for exclusive culinary events
  • catering for a gala private entertainment
  • original dishes by our cheff
  • cakes and desserts from Maestro Choccolatier Robert Perić 

Our product „Istrian culinary emotions“ is unique, because we are fulfilling your life's desires in the most important moments of celebrating important events, gatherings . We offer you a personalized experince of exquisite food and wine at any location of your choice. A few of them we have elected for you, because they are truly special and radiate a special energy. We offer also a service of creation of the environment with all the details, but our offers are complitely different..We have a superior Chef, with his work we begin an unforgettable magic spell with a seasonal menu of surprises. We refine interior design with carefully chosen decoration, special lights which fill the room. We just like magic...    

Tired of sitting in  the restaurants, do not like to look at four walls...allow yourself an unforgatteble ambience and culinary experience of Istria. 

  • We organize for you: meet and greet service, making plans and programs of gastronomic events, transport, inventory and equipment, professional staff, serving and service,landscaping and decorating, running events...
  • Numbers of courses? Depends on your mood and the mood of Cheff's Robert Peric, but certinaly you won't be hungry...
  • Number of guests? From 2 to 500, it depends on you and on the choice of location
  • Variable menu and seasonal surprises from fresh ingrendients of controlled origin, from the best small but prestigious Istrian producers
  • Choice of theme for the full experience. It's up to you what will you choose: Blue Istria (Fish), Red Istria (meat) or combined... 
  • designed and carefully selected decorations... as well as.. the Red carpet


  • The city of Pula
  • Monument of culture, the roman amfitheatre in Pula, the only one in the world next to the sea 
  • The majestic buildings of museums and galleries prostrate Sacred Heart with a distinct element of late Baroques classicism
  • Zero Strasse - Pula's undergraund galleries
  • Stone Austro-Hungarian forts
  • Pula - the medieval castle
  • Kaiserwald - forest camp Šijana
  • Archeological site Nezakcij
  • Svetvinčenat - medieval castel Grimani, Marosini
  • Rovinj - the garden of Saint Eufemija church
  • Munipalities Višnjan - Observation Tićan
  • The city of Vodnjan - tasting olive oils Chiavalon
  • The city of Momjan - wine celler Kozlović
  • The city of Poreč - Historic wine cellar 18 th century
  • The city of Poreč - Historical county assembly hall
  • Ližnjan, Marlera - the lighthouse Marlera - southernmost point of Istria
  • Hum - the smallest town in the world
  • Grožnjan – medieval town of artists and galleries
  • Labin - underground miners of Labin
  • Istrian rural
  • Modern houses and villas in Istria
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