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Cooking class by LF catering & chef Robert Perić

To experience Istria on the unique and unforgetable way, to feel her tastes and odours, to learn something about the history of Istrian couisine, to prepare Istrian groceries ...

LF catering organizes cooking classes for You, on any location in Istria, procures domestic groceries, provides cooking classes with kitchen and the entire equipment for preparation and consumation of prepared food, provides professional staff and premium chef, Robert Perić.

We cook traditionaly, or modern, simple or complex, meat or fish, salty or sweet, while having great time enjoying the boons of land of Istria, together with you.

Allow yourself couple of hours of cooking and experience a thing of beauty and fineness, with quality and a lot of passion, love calmness in magical ambient of Istria and all of her mysterious corners, allow yourself a relaxed moments of enjoyement in Istrian cuisine and her perfect taste.

Cook together with us, just inform us about the number of persons, and we will suggest location and seasonal menu ...

Suggested menus for classes

Classes of traditional Istrian cuisine

Meat menu

  • seasonal omelet or domestic soup - omelet with seasonal vegetables, wild herbs or tipical dried meat products of Istria (bacon, prosciutto, etc)
  • 'pljukanci 'with chicken 'žgvancet'- typical istrian homemade pasta with chicken sauce
  • fried Boškarin shoulder, with Teran and polenta- meat of istrian bovine, istrian native specie, from bio farms, slowly cooked in black wine Teran
  • fritule- traditional istrian dessert

Fish menu

  • salted anchovies, anchovies with winegar, anchovies in lemon- traditional ways of preparation of anchovies (sardines)
  • cuttlefish or octopus salad  
  • 'brodet' with polenta - traditional meal made of varieties of fish, typical for northern Adriatic
  • Fritule - traditional istrian dessert

Modern Istrian gastronomy classes

Traditional groceries of Istria in 'high' gastronomy

  • chickpea soup with bacon and small cuttlefish, or milk soup with shrimps and garlic foam
  • spoon made 'gnocchi' with domestic pesto of olive oil and basil, 'chips' made of Istrian prosciutto   
  • slow cooked cheek of Boškarin, Istrian bovine with potato and truffle cream
  • 'tagliata' from mature loin with onions in salt, glazed pumpkin in honey 
  • 'pinca' (Johnnycake) with sweetened eggyolk

Prices per person:

Traditional Istrian cuisine

2-4 persons 1300,00 kn
5-7 persons 750,00 kn
8-10 persons 600,00 kn
11-15 persons 450,00 kn
15-30 persons 390,00 kn
30-40 persons 320,00 kn

Modern Istrian cuisine

2-4 persons 1.500,00 kn
5-7 persons 850,00 kn
8-10 persons 800,00 kn
11-15 persons 550,00 kn
15-30 persons 450,00 kn
30-40 persons 400,00 kn

Prices include:

  • Complete equipment for  cooking and preparation of food
  • Complete equipment for consumation of prepared food
  • Domestic istrian groceries
  • Cooking apron for students
  • Proffesional staff
  • Natural and mineral water


Official language in lectures is Croatian, translator is reimbursed additionally. Cooking takes around 4 hours, including dinner.

Wine is not included in price, and is charget adittionaly:

Young Istrian Malvazija 75kn / 0,75l
Vintage Istrian Malvazija 100kn / 0,75l
Young Istrian Teran 100 kn / 0,75l
Vintage Istrian Teran 200 kn / 0,75l
Muscat dessert wine 70 kn / 0,5l