Every event is a new challenge, our goal is stepping out of bounds, to offer something new, always special, always different and unique.

Producers & partners of LF Catering

Friends and respected top partners of LF catering which produce top quality ingredients and raw materials while satisfying the high standards of Cheff’s Robert Peric cooking with us since the first day. We count on them and on love with which they approach their work and thoughtfulness that created top quality of every product of our hardworking host. They are carefully listening to advice, ideas and adapt to the needs of LF catering, as we do to them.

Producers take very good care of their products, they are complitely awere that they together with the chefs create an Istrian gastronomic identity and preserve our heritage, they are using grandmas' and future classic recipes. It is wonderful together with them partecipate in every minute detail of the formation of the finest food and drinks.

Handmade top premium raw materials stimulates in our guests, a curiosity and desire to learn more about food.. while on the other hand points out a specific identity of our region

Domestic premium raw materials - with guest stimulate curiosity and curiosity and desire to learn and the best feed, while the other side stand spacifičnost and identity of the region, taking into account our Istrian history and creating the future.

  • Mini dairy Latus – Žminj
  • OPG Ipša – truffles and olive oil
  • Chiavalon - olive oil
  • AZRRI – Agency Region of Istria - specializing among other meat Boškarin
  • OPG Mihael Budak – Istrian ham, lard, Istrian bacon, Istrian sausages
  • Istrian winemakers member of the association Vinistra
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits – Damir and Patricija
  • Lanterna Pula and Pula's local fishermen - fish and seafood
  • Domestic honey from local producers and honey products
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